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Topics We Cover

In addition to articles about Digital Marketing, we also include content on the following subjects.

  • Marketing
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  • Content Marketing
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  • Developing and designing a website
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What Do We Publish?

  • We accept an article that is relevant to your site We do not publish the irrelevant article. 

  • We always welcome Industry professionals to share their thoughts with us.

  • You may write for us if you’re an expert in digital marketing and have something to say.

  • The guest Post submission process 

  • If you’re still interested in contributing to, please contact us and give the information requested below:

  • Short introduction about yourself

  • Your previous article (For sample)

  • New authors are not required to provide a sample article.

  • Ideas for a guest blog.

The Guest Posting Guidelines

Unique Content: Relevant and well-written material will be taken into consideration. We should not accept content that is published elsewhere. 

Focus Keyword: A single Focus Keyword is required for each article, and it should be repeated several times in the article.

Word Count: We’re looking for 800-1500 words for each article.

Formatting: The articles should be formatted such that they are easy to read and grouped into parts with subheadings. 

Images: All images should be either original or licensed. Ensure that your sentences are clear and understandable.

Plagiarism: Before publishing, we run it via Copyscape and Google to ensure it’s original. Copying other people’s work is not permitted on our site.

Links: All links will appear in the author’s bio and direct readers to your site or blog. It is not permitted to use affiliate links. The optimal number of connections is two, with each link being no more than 600 words. Whether or not it’s Dofollow or Nofollow is determined by the quality of the material.

Promotions: Do not use your article for advertising a product or service.